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Sally Lyall – LCDC Chairperson

Welcome to our Lancaster County Democratic Committee Website

Use this website to learn about LCDC and to obtain the local Democratic information you need. Thank you for voting in every election!

My Message to You Regarding 2017

For you and me, the November 2016 election results were heartbreaking and disturbing—but not the end of the world. As President Obama has said, “The only thing that’s the end of the world is the end of the world.”

So now what?

As reality based Democrats, we work for what should be and deal with what is.

What should be: an America that respects and protects our workers, expects billionaires and millionaires to carry their weight, and ensures our children receive a quality education and inherit a decent and just country where hard work makes the American dream a reality.

What is: the fact that we must work harder, do more, and sacrifice more to protect and promote our vision of America. We can see the first votes and actions that were taken by the Republican in the White House, Lloyd Smucker in Congress, and the Republican Harrisburg representatives who falsely claim “family values” while they legislate against our families!

The Lancaster County Democratic Committee’s (LCDC) mission is to:
• Inform and educate all Democratic voters prior to each election.
• Recruit and support highly qualified local Democratic candidates who believe in and will work for LCDC’s principles when in office.
• Change the political landscape of Lancaster County.

Thank you for your support of the work of your local Democratic Party, the LCDC.

With gratitude,
Sally Lyall, Chair
Lancaster County Democratic Committee (LCDC)