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Sally Lyall – LCDC Chairperson

Welcome to our Lancaster County Democratic Committee Website

Use this website to learn about LCDC and to obtain the local Democratic information you need. Thank you for voting in every election!

Democrats are more solid and determined than ever!

Thank you for sacrificing your time to be involved, leading districts, organizing neighborhoods, serving on Lancaster County Democratic Committee’s (LCDC) Rapid Response Teams, marching with the students, writing letters, demanding town hall meetings, lending voices to support DACA and to preserve ACA, and in all ways, working to get the government you want.

We have highly qualified candidates running for the Congressional 11th District, for the State House and State Senate, and for Governor, Lt. Governor, and US Senate. All your candidates will appreciate your participation on their teams.

We are building a bench of potential candidates, managers, treasurers, and campaign workers. LCDC’s work spans the entire year, every year, and it helps to know who is looking at getting more deeply involved in campaigns.  

What we need now are more active neighborhood organizers. These are the most effective people in each precinct to mobilize voters on Election Days. The more neighborhood organizers, the more successful we Democrats are in winning elections.

The Lancaster County Democratic Committee’s mission is to:
• Inform and educate all Democratic voters prior to each election.
• Recruit and support highly qualified local Democratic candidates who believe in and will work for LCDC’s principles when in office.
• Change the political landscape of Lancaster County.

Thank you for supporting the work of your local Democratic Party.

As President Obama said, in his farewell speech, “Show up. Dive in. Stay at it.”

With gratitude and staying at it,
Sally Lyall, Chair
Lancaster County Democratic Committee (LCDC)