Chris Genetti Endorsed by LCDC for Lancaster County Sheriff.

This office should not be about partisan politics, but rather who is right for the County and tax payer.

About Chris

  • Lifelong Resident of Lancaster County.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Justice Administration from Penn State University.
  • Highly Decorated, Retired 25 Year Member of Lancaster City Police Department.
  • Married to Alex, with 2 Step-Daughters; Akiya and Rikki.
  • Currently Resides in Maytown.

If Elected, I will:

  • Restore integrity and public trust to the office of Lancaster County Sheriff.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of unity and trust within the dept.
  • Increase moral and motivation of the staff through advanced specialized training.
  • Lower the turnover rate to retain quality personal.
  • Explore ways to utilize staff and resources to increase efficiency.
  • Seek ways to lower expenditures and operational costs to save valuable tax payer dollars.

Chris Genetti endorsed by LCDC for Lancaster County Sheriff.


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