Education RRT

Team Lead:  JoAnn Hentz

The mission of the Rapid Response Team for Education will be

  • To promote public education through civic participation at the local school board level
  • To provide relevant information to the public on issues facing public education
  • To facilitate Rapid Response on issues that come before the legislatures

The RRT for Education has established the following goals

  • Promote a broad public awareness of the issues facing our public schools – Pre-school through Higher Education
    • Inform the public on law, regulations, and unfunded mandates that impact the national narrative and local taxing and spending
    • Take action: contacting our State or Federal representatives as issues arise that imperil best practice, funding, or protections and services to students
  • Inform and represent parents and community members who cannot attend local Board meetings
    • Alert parents and community members of impending action that affects taxes, curriculum, policies, etc
    • Highlight any specific Board decisions or behaviors that require our Rapid Response
    • Be aware of perceived lack of transparency or other conduct that does not promote public participation or oversight
  • Guide local school board candidates to better represent their constituencies
    • Introduce the Board candidates and the issues/policies they represent
    • Actively work to elect local School Board members