Eugene Robinson Encourages Democrats at Our Fall Banquet

600 Democrats gathered this Friday evening at our LCDC Fall Banquet to hear Eugene Robinson relate his perspective on the state of politics from the election of President Obama through today.  He noted that “there are no mid-term elections.”  All elections he said were critical and we need to elect Democrats at all levels of government in 2017 and 2018.

He suggested that a new dynamic is happening in our country beyond liberal and conservative.  Robinson said Trump does appeals to those who oppose immigration and who are racist.  However, Robinson also noted that many of the themes of Bernie Sanders were also themes for Donald Trump (at least at the beginning of his campaign).  Free Trade, infrastructure, and even health care for all were identified by Trump and Sanders that resonated to a diverse set of voters.  Robinson was not sure how this new dynamic would play out, but we should not discount these other voters.

He concluded by noting that the Republicans, even with majorities and the U.S. House, Senate, and Presidency have not been able to pass a repeal and replace for Obama Care.  He attributed this inability of the Republicans to accomplish this major policy objective to demonstrations and phone calls from the public.  Robinson encouraged us to stay active and make our voices heard.

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