Gerrymandering and Redistricting RRT

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Gerrymandering has been identified as a major obstacle to democracy, and Pennsylvania is one of the most gerrymandered states in the union.

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To learn more about the gerrymandering issue or to support redistricting reform, consider attending one or more of the following:


What you can do

Request: If you live in Manheim, Marietta, or Mt. Joy, please show up at meetings and voice your support for a resolution to approve the proposed redistricting-reform Senate Bill 22 (SB22). For more information, please contact the individual identified below to support this effort and get involved:

Manheim Borough: Email Elaine Olson
Marietta Borough: Email Bill Dazall
Mount Joy:Email Grace and Brian Heiland


Read PA Senate Bill 22 (SB22) and Hourse Bill 722
If you have, send one question you want Fair Districts PA to answer to
If you haven’t…please do! You can find it here:

Then write a letter to your legislators asking them to support the bill.Check out Amanda Holt’s web site that describes Lancaster County’s municipal divisions and how the gerrymandered drawing of districts creates a complex, non-contiguous mess:

OTHER NEWS: On April 18th in Harrisburg, Representatives Steve Samuelson (Democrat, Northampton County) and Eric Roe (Republican, Chester County) shared the co-sponsor memo for House Bill 722, a joint resolution to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to establish an independent citizens commission to draw State Senate, State House and Congressional districts.  Now is the time to call your state representative and state senator and ask him/her to sign on as a co-sponsor of this bipartisan legislation!