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Lancaster County Democrats endorsed candidates


  • Craig Lehman for Lieutenant Governor




  • Bill Troutman – 36th State Senate


Sue Walker for the 13th District


Suzann Delahunt for the 37th District


Michele Wherley for the 41st District




Jen Porter for the 43rd District

Mike Sturla for the 96th District


Dana Hamp Gulick for the 97th District



Mary Auker-Endres for the 98th District




Elizabeth Malarkey for the 99th District

Douglas Metcalfe for the 128th District



Tricia Wertz for the 129th District




Endorsement for the 16 U.S. Congressional race will be scheduled after the new congressional maps have been approved.

Endorsed candidates for PA State Democratic Committee

Lauren Edgell
Mary Aucker-Endres
Scott Althouse
Tom O’Brien
Janet Diaz
Ismail Smith-Wade-el