Congratulations, Dems! Strong work! Election Victories!

Congratulations, Dems! Strong work!

The November 7 election results proved that we Democrats are continuing to earn significant victories and make inroads in Lancaster politics. Great candidates and persistent grassroots efforts won the day in many municipalities and school districts.

Congratulations to all our candidates on hard fought races. Let’s always remember, we build on the work of others, year after year. Even in races that we didn’t win, we made inroads paving the way for a win in the future.

Special thanks to Chris Genetti for his excellent campaign for County Sheriff. The registration numbers for county-wide races still work against Democrats, but Chris challenged the odds with his depth of police experience and all-out campaigning.

Congratulations to our winners and their teams, as follows:

Magisterial District Judges

  • Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle – 02-2-03
  • Bruce Roth – 02-2-02
  • Jodie Richardson – 02-2-01

Adamstown Borough Council

  • Cindy Schweitzer

Columbia Borough Council

  • Pamela Williams
  • John Novak

Drumore Township Supervisor

  • Kolin McCauley

East Petersburg Mayor

  • James Malone

East Petersburg Borough Council

  • Todd Weiss

Elizabethtown Borough Council

  • Bill Troutman

Ephrata Borough Council

  • Tim Barr

Lancaster City Mayor

  • Danene Sorace

Lancaster City Council

  • Janet Diaz
  • Ismail Smith-Wade-El
  • Faith Craig
  • Pete Soto

Lancaster City Controller

  • Bill Andrews

Lancaster City Treasurer

  • Chris Ballentine

Lancaster Township Supervisor

  • Steve Elliott

Lancaster Township Auditor

  • Theo Van Tricht

Manheim Township Commissioners

  • Sam Mecum
  • Tom O’Brien

Marietta Borough Mayor

  • Harold “Brosie” Kulman

Marietta Borough Council

  • Glen Mazis
  • Robert Shambaugh
  • Louis McKinney, Sr
  • Bill Dalzell – 2 yr. seat

Millersville Borough Council

  • Linda Bellile
  • Dianne Bates

Directors of School Boards

  • Barry Ford – Columbia
  • Dana Mead – Conestoga Valley
  • Linda Good – Donegal
  • Erin Grosh – Elizabethtown
  • Linda Williams – Manheim Central
  • Stacie Ritter – Manheim Central
  • Nikki Rivera – Manheim Township
  • Joyce Stevens- Manheim Township
  • John Smith- Manheim Township
  • Curt Holgate- Manheim Township
  • Janet Carroll – Manheim Township – 2 yr. term
  • JoAnn Hentz – Manheim Township – 2 yr. term
  • Salina Almanzar – School District of Lancaster
  • Mara Cresswell McGrann – School District of Lancaster
  • Harvey S. Miller – School District of Lancaster
  • David Parry – School District of Lancaster

Thank you, as well, for the strong vote totals that contributed to the win of three (3) Superior Court  seats with Maria McLaughlin, Debbie Kunselman, and Caroline Nichols and one (1) Commonwealth Court seat with Ellen Ceisler.

Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd for her retention win, putting her in line to make history as PA’s first woman Supreme Court Chief Justice!

Thanks to everyone who spent hours in the sleet and cold to keep at it with turning out the votes in your precincts! Our work sure isn’t easy, but some key wins made the months (years) of preparation all the more rewarding.

Take some time to rest, rake the leaves, and get caught up with the family!
Thank you, all! Strong work!



School District Municipality Office Democratic Candidates
Cocalico Adamstown Borough Borough Council Cindy A. Schweitzer
Adamstown Borough Tax Collector Rosemary Johnston
Denver Borough Borough Council Kalie Jo Johnson
Columbia All School Director Barry Ford
All Borough Council (2-Yr) M. John Novak
All Borough Council Pamela Williams
All Borough Council Robert Thompson
All Tax Collector Marlene K. Geltz
Conestoga Valley All School Director Bryan Nelson
All School Director Dana G. Mead
West Earl Township Auditor Neil Ward
Donegal All School Director Linda Good
Marietta Borough Borough Council Louis C. McKinney, Sr.
Marietta Borough Borough Council Glen A. Mazis
Marietta Borough Borough Council Robert Shambaugh
 Marietta Borough  Borough Council  Bill Dalzell
Elizabethtown All School Director Andrew J. Esoldo
All School Director Kelly Shaffer Fuddy
All School Director Erin Grosh
Elizabethtown Boro – 2nd Ward Borough Council Mary Auker-Endres
Elizabethtown Boro – 1st Ward Borough Council Bill Troutman
Ephrata All School Director Suzanne M. Delahunt
Ephrata Borough – 3rd Ward Borough Council Tim L. Barr
Hempfield All School Director Connie Mentzer
All School Director Amy Rawcliffe
All School Director John Herr
All School Director Jason Spatola
East Hempfield Township Supervisor Ron Rogers
East Hempfield Township Supervisor Mike Mezzetti
East Petersburg Borough Mayor James Andrew Malone
East Petersburg Borough Borough Council Todd R. Weiss
Mountville Borough Borough Council Theresa Baker
Mountville Borough Borough Council Doug Pryer
Lampeter-Strasburg All School Director Michelle Salinas
Lancaster City Lancaster City 1st & 5th Wards, 9th Ward – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Precincts Magisterial District Judge Bruce A. Roth
Lancaster City 3rd & 7th Wards Magisterial District Judge Jodie Richardson
Lancaster City 9th Ward – 4th and 5th Precincts Magisterial District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle
All School Director Salina Almanzar
All School Director Mara Cresswell McGrann
All School Director Harvey S. Miller
All School Director David Parry
All Mayor Danene Sorace
All City Council Faith Craig
All City Council Janet Diaz
All City Council Ismail Smith-Wade-El
All City Council Pete Soto
All Controller E. William Andrews
All Treasurer Chris Ballentine
Lancaster Township All Magisterial District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle
All School Director Salina Almanzar
All School Director Mara Cresswell McGrann
All School Director Harvey S. Miller
All School Director David Parry
All Supervisor Steve Elliott
All Auditor Theo Van Tricht
Manheim Central All School Director Stacie Ritter
All School Director Linda Williams
Manheim Township All School Director Joyce L. Stephens
All School Director W. Curtis Holgate
All School Director Nikki Rivera
All School Director John Smith
All School Director (2-Year) Janet Carroll
All School Director (2-Year) JoAnn Hentz
All Commissioner Samuel M. Mecum
All Commissioner Tom O’Brien
All Commissioner Bill Ziegler
All Tax Collector Adam Conley
Octorara Region II School Director Jacqueline Hamilton
Penn Manor All School Director Anthony Boyer
Millersville Borough Borough Council Dianne Bates
Millersville Borough Borough Council Linda Bellile
Solanco Drumore Township Supervisor Kolin McCauley
Warwick All School Director Anne Pyle
All School Director Scott Althouse
All School Director George Sayles
Warwick Township Supervisor Jack Enco
Warwick Township Supervisor Marcello Medini