Officers & Subcommittees

LCDC Executive Board
updated 6/1/2016

The Executive Board of the LCDC meets on the fourth Thursday of every month, except for their November-December meetings. Check the monthly calendar for that combined meeting date. Meetings are held at 7:00 pm in the Underground at LCDC Headquarters – 53 North Duke St., Lancaster, PA 17602.

The Executive Board is charged with administering the functions of the County committee. The Executive Board is comprised of the elected officers, state committee persons, elected officials, district leaders, and sub-committee chairs.


State Committee Members

The PA Democratic State Committee members are elected to a four-year term in Primary elections in the even years between the Presidential elections: 2010, 2014, 2018, etc. Lancaster County’s current State Committee members were elected in the 2010 Primary by the Democratic voters of Lancaster County. The PA Democratic State Committee is currently chaired by Marcel Groen. The members convene three times each year in Harrisburg to endorse candidates for statewide office, adopt party platform positions on issues affecting Pennsylvania, approve the state party budget, and conduct other Democratic Party business.


  • Doug Pryer leads the Finance Committee with the Fueling Victory fundraiser. This is an ongoing letter and phone call fundraiser with calls being made every Thursday (except the 4th Thursday of each month) from Headquarters at 53 N. Duke St., 6:30 to 8:15 p.m. Doug and the call team welcome new volunteer help & ideas. Come out on Thursday nights and join the team. Contact Doug to help with raising funds.
    C- 717-538-1470;
  • JoAnn Hentz, Chair of the Events Committee, coordinates LCDC’s events from season to season: The winter Endorsement Convention, the Spring Awards Banquet, the Summer Corn Roast, the Fall Banquet. New committee members are always appreciated. If you enjoy creating successful events, this is the team you want to be on. Contact JoAnn at 717.569.6605 and
  • Scott Althouse chairs the Issues Committee. Awareness and education are the keys that lead to action and legislation. He organize study groups, forums, and opens doors for legislative action. Marcellus Shale, Labor, Education, Health, Women’s Issues, the Human Relations Commission, LGBT, Farming, and Conservation are some of the topics they have explored and acted on this year. The strength of this committee lies in the volunteers’ commitments, research, and dedication.
  • JoAnn Hentz, as Organization Committee Chair, is involved with the providing district leadership in districts with a leadership void. The Organization Committee is also involved with making calls into the county through LCDC’s Call Center, providing new committee person training, providing information and discussions of the District Leaders via the Round Table discussions, compiling Election Day packets for poll greeters and watchers, and scheduling greeter and poll watcher training. Contact JoAnn at 717.569.6605 and
  • Facilities Committee Chair, maintains & organizes the Underground meeting room at Headquarters. Help is always needed to keep our facilities in order.
  • Paul Hentz, at the helm of the Campaign Committee, helps to recruit qualified candidates, defines their responsibilities and those of their team members, & assists with trainings for Election Day workers, especially greeters & poll watchers. LCDC is always looking for candidates for future elections! Contact Greg if this aspect of Party work appeals to you. 717.419.4209 and
  • Ken Ralph, the Communications & Information Technology Chair, maintains LCDC’s data, responds to committee person requests for voter lists, trains us in the use of VoteBuilder, helps with computer questions, writes sample precinct newsletters, and is the editor of this newsletter, Common Ground. He always needs volunteers with computer skills. Contact Ken at 717-291-9933 and

All of the LCDC Subcommittee Chairs listed above are conscious of your busy schedules. They have important jobs for you which can be tailored to your time constraints. Some may require only an hour or two a month. They are all happy to welcome & train new volunteers to work with them on large or small tasks.

Please contact any of the above chairs or call LCDC’s Office Manager, Tracey Lynn Arriola, or the LCDC Chair, Sally Lyall, at Headquarters, (717) 299-5701, to inquire about ways you can become more involved. We look forward to hearing from you.