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Below are our 8 Rapid Response Teams (RRTs)  
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Each RRT develops activities to inform the public and our legislatures about their area of concern.

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Please click the link and record your interests even if you have already indicated your interest some meeting or otherwise.

The Google Form helps us handle the large amount of data. The Excel files we develop from responses on the Google Form will enable us to forward names, emails and phone numbers to each RRT with which you want to work. The RRTs you identify will contact you about the date, place, and time of their next meeting.

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We will inform everyone on our RRT email list of all activities (protests, phone calling, town meetings, etc.) the RRTs develop so you can join in, regardless of the RRT with which you are working.

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Thanks for your energy and willingness to be active in support of our Lancaster County Democratic Committee Values.

Sally Lyall
LCDC Chairperson