2017 Fueling Victory Campaign

This is our seventh year of our successful Fueling Victory fundraising effort!

It began with a simple premise—that among the 100,000 Lancaster County Democrats, there must be 1,000 who are able and willing to donate at least $100 a year to the LCDC . . . 1,000 Lancaster Democrats willing to do more and sacrifice more to protect and promote our vision of America.

We haven’t reached a thousand donors yet, and not everyone can afford $100, but every year we improve our numbers of contributors. I hope that you will be one of the thousand in 2017!

The money raised here, stays in Lancaster! The LCDC must raise our own money to serve Lancaster County. We receive No money from the PA Democratic Committee or the Democratic National Committee.

We use your contributions: to get information to voters, to increase local voter turnout, and elect Democratic Candidates who believe in and will work for our vision of America at the municipal, county, state and federal levels.

 to donate to our 2017 Fueling Victory Campaign. Your donation of $100 or more will enable us to help Lancaster County Democrats all year round.


General Donations

If you would prefer to make a onetime smaller contribution to the Lancaster County Democratic Committee.

Any amount will help LCDC continue our work to change the political landscape of Lancaster County.

You can also mail checks to LCDC Headquarters at 53 N. Duke St, Suite 10, Lancaster, PA 17602

Thank you for your support of the work of your local Democratic Party, the LCDC.
With gratitude,
Sally Lyall,
Chair Lancaster County Democratic Committee