2018 Fueling Victory Campaign

to donate up to $500.00 and join our Fueling Victory campaign.

Fueling Victory is LCDC’s main donation program. It began several years ago with the premise that there should be at least 1,000 Democrats in Lancaster County that could contribute at least $100.00 to the County party every year. So far we have established a strong core group of about 350 people that give year in and year out. We hope you will join this group of regular core supports.

Fueling Victory dollars are used for many of our political “musts,” including

  • Training Programs
  • Election Day Materials,
  • Common Ground newsletters to about 1,000 Democrats
  • Get Out the Vote” efforts.
  • Maintaining our Democratic Headquarters
  • Supporting Our 8 Rapid Response Teams
  • Getting Democratic Information to the over 108,000 Democrats in Lancaster County.

Please join our Fueling Victory campaign with any donation from $5 to $500.

to donate up to $500.00 and join our Fueling Victory campaign.

 to donate over $500  and join our Higher Ground program. Your generous donation will enable us to get information to the over 108,000 registered Democrats in Lancaster County.

To find out more about our Higher Ground program, please call headquarters at 717-299-5701 and ask to speak to Sally Lyall, our LCDC Chair.

All LCDC Funding is Local

  • LCDC Officers serve without pay
    LCDC gets:
  • No Corporate Funding
  • No Funding by our State Democratic Party
  • No Funding from National Democratic OrganizationsYou can also mail checks to LCDC Headquarters at 53 N. Duke St, Suite 10, Lancaster, PA 17602

Thank you for your support of your local Democratic Party, the LCDC.
With gratitude,
Sally Lyall,
Chair Lancaster County Democratic Committee