to volunteer in any way with our Lancaster County Democratic Committee

 Show up.  Dive in.  Stay at it.

This year we elect the people who determine your taxes, your property values, development in your community, and the quality of your schools.

Don’t sit by and hope the right people win!
Whether you have an hour between now and the election,
an hour a week,
or a real drive to see your candidate elected,
we have a place for you!

Listed below are the types of jobs hundreds of volunteers are already doing in every corner of Lancaster County. Give it some thought, choose where you best fit, then give us a call!

Canvass Door to Door (We provide training, materials, and experienced help to get you started.)

  • Verify that the Democrat registered is still living at that address
  • Leave a newsletter or other information
  • Offer a registration form or absentee ballot application
  • Get reliable phone numbers and emails so you can keep in touch and remind them later to vote

Join a campaign

  • Create, underwrite, or distribute newsletters, mailers, hand cards, signs, advertising, etc.
  • Get the candidate an endorsement or contribution from your business, club or community group
  • Put out a campaign sign
  • Invite neighbors over for a discussion of issues with the candidate

 Write letters to the editor, tweet, post, or share

Join a Rapid Response Team – Don’t assume your neighbors and friends know what you know.

 Make calls, offer rides, get those voters to the polls!

Greet on election day!

  • Make sure voters know the candidates; their values and expectations of government
  • Provide a sample ballot to help voters identify candidates, especially this year in cross-filed races.

 LCDC has dozens of trained committee people ready to help.
Just give me a call and we’ll find the right spot for you!
Call JoAnn at 717 575-6562  or email  JHentz@lancasterdems.com

Over 375 people have now indicated an interest in our 8 Rapid Response Committees (RRCs) each focused on different issues.

to volunteer in any way with our Lancaster County Democratic Committee