What Democrats Stand For

We all know Democrats, like many Americans, oppose the behavior and substance of the Trump administration. However, Democrats also have a positive message and agenda. Democrats have been and will continue to join with hardworking Americans to have government work for us instead of special interests.

In contrast to the GOP, Democrats believe government can and should work to:
— Ensure affordable health care for all Americans.
— Fund education sufficiently so all our children can succeed.
— Support full employment that includes a living wage.
— Ensure justice for everyone regardless of race or religion.
— Improve and protect our environment based on sound science that acknowledges the reality of climate change.
— Reform our taxation and budgeting so government generates sufficient revenue to pay for the programs our country and citizens really need.
— Provide for a robust and rational national defense.

Democrats understand that government can get in the way. However, unlike Republicans, Democrats believe our legislators can effectively partner with Americans to make life better for us all.

Democrats have demonstrated this by enacting programs and laws many Americans now take for granted, including Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, fair labor standards, Social Security, Head Start, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the G.I. Bill, Equal Pay Act and the Clean Air Act. More recently, the 2009 Democratic stimulus package in response to the financial meltdown has resulted in more than eight years of continuous job growth and a drop in the unemployment rate from 10 percent to under 4.5 percent.

Opposition to Donald Trump’s behavior and Republican plans to dismantle our progress is loud. However, citizens should know the Democratic Party also has a strong, positive message. We are your partner in having government work for you and not for special interests.

Kenneth M. Ralph
Communication Committee Chair
Lancaster County Democratic Committee

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